Near Death - Part One

Episode 1 March 02, 2022 00:40:09
Near Death - Part One
Bedtime Stories for Insomniacs - Written by Rich Hosek
Near Death - Part One

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Rich Hosek

Show Notes

In anticipation of the upcoming release of After Life, the second book of the award winning Raney/Daye Investigations series, I am presenting the audio version of the first book, Near Death, in a seralized version on this podcast.

In Part One we visit the past for a thrilling encounter with a suspected serial killer. Then we return to the present to meet Dr. Jennifer Daye, Anthropologist and Parapsychologist as she investigates a haunted movie theater with her assistant.

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Stay tuned next week for Part Two when Detective Nate Raney's brush with death leads to his first meeting with Dr. Daye.

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