#51 - Room 503 by Barbara Avon

Episode 51 September 18, 2023 00:17:46
#51 - Room 503 by Barbara Avon
Bedtime Stories for Insomniacs - Presented by Rich Hosek
#51 - Room 503 by Barbara Avon

Sep 18 2023 | 00:17:46


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Rich Hosek

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Welcome to Barabara Avon’s Owl Eyes Motel, where the proprietor is a funny little man named Milton, who will see to your every need—whether you know what it is or not.

Meet Walter Bennington, who is about to discover if he deserves a second chance in Room 503.

At the Owl Eyes Motel, there’s always room for the dead.

 Find out more about this multi-genre author at https://www.barbaraavon.com/
Pick up a copy of Owl Eyes Motel at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Owl-Eyes-Motel-Barbara-Avon-ebook/dp/B0977LTKMT
Check out all her amazing books at https://www.amazon.com/stores/Barbara-Avon/author/B076MCBGVC

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